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I serve the legal needs of the Carefree, Arizona community and have developed a general practice that includes working with small businesses (formations, disputes and collections); estate planning (wills and trusts); immigration law and criminal law. If you need a lawyer with a sincere interest in helping people resolve their legal issues, please check back periodically for updates.

Business lawSmall Businesses

Being a small business owner, there is nothing I enjoy more than helping other small businesses organize, grow, and prosper. I can determine the best organization for your business and advise you on the laws and regulations relevant to your business. I will work diligently to help you resolve disputes. I also handle collections for small businesses so that you can focus on making money while I work with your delinquent clients to ensure you are paid.

  • Corporations (C Corp., S Corp., 501c3 Corp., )
  • LLC (limited liability company)
  • Solo practice


Often people delay writing a Last Will & Testament because death seems too remote. Sadly, it is an event that sneaks up on many people who did not take the time to have an attorney prepare their Will. Yet, the process is usually fairly simple and can be accomplished in two office visits. More complicated estates may require setting up a trust. There are many types of trusts and a careful analysis of assets and liabilities is key in determining whether a trust is desirable. The costs of not having at least a well-drafted Will can include extreme family turmoil and years of litigation. I recommend everyone at least have a Will.

Criminal lawCriminal Law

My legal career is grounded in criminal law and my experience as a defense attorney has included cases ranging from major felonies such as capital murder to minor misdemeanors such as trespass. I treat all clients with respect and, if I accept your case, I will work tirelessly to obtain justice. I will consider any crime charged under the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13 (Arizona Criminal Code). Please speak to me before making any oral or written statements and remember, you have the right to remain silent and to request an attorney.

Immigration lawImmigration Law

Inspired by my own family of immigrants from Switzerland and Germany, I strive to help people who have entered the United States lawfully. Immigration legal services include the following:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Green card (permanent resident)
  • Working in the U.S. (temporary, permanent, student)
  • Family (family of U.S. citizens, family of green card holders, fiancĂ© visas)